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BIBS PTA – Member Introduction

Gary (Joy’s father) - PTA Chair


We looked at many international schools and finally decided to transfer our daughter to BIBS, Chengdu. In the beginning, we were a little worried as other parents were, as this school is quite new here. There are many schools we could choose, but we still risked choosing the new school. My daughter adapted to the new school quickly, and I found she is becoming more confident, independent and happier. She always shares with us what happened in the school and even told us she wants to stay at the school on weekends. I think there is nothing we need to worry about, my daughter’s better actions just reflect how good the education is. As the second and third Chair of the PTA, I will carry forward love, care and support with all other PTA members and witness the development of the school! 


Linda(Mushroom's mother)- Vice Chair of PTA


Linda compared many other international schools and finally decided to transfer her son to BIBS, Chengdu in this year. She said the most attraction for her is the education philosophy and belief of BIBS. As this year’s vice chairman, she expressed “The speed of the information development in this era is high, and we need to quit the outdated education mode. We parents should cooperate with teachers, so that our children can master the skills for their future.” She sincerely welcomes more parents to join the PTA in where parents can communicate with teachers more positively and understand more deeply the education methods, teaching children not only how to learn, but also how to overcome difficulties flexibly.


Tracy(Shirley and Sherry’s mother)- PTA Secretary


Tracy is the chairman of the first PTA and was responsible for department managing in a foreign capital supermarket. She has rich experience of managing and communicating and is the super mother of two kids. She is interested in making coffee and has studied with a local coffee-making master. She hopes to give people a cup of warm coffee and carry forward love. She tries to be the best of herself and be a good model for her children.


Lea (Jerry’s mother) – PTA Treasurer


Lea is what we usually call a “super woman”, who can balance the family and work for the whole time. She has been working in international trade for 10 years and tries to develop herself all the time. Before joining BIBS, her child was studying in a Singaporean IB school, and she was studying the IB curriculum by herself. Living in Singapore, she was worried that child may lose the opportunity to learn traditional culture, so her family moved to Chengdu hurriedly. After comparison and discussion, her family decided to choose BIBS since they prefer the “essence of Chinese and Western cultures, beautifully fused” mode that contains both IB and eastern education. Lea said: “This is the kind of education that we want!”


Nancy(Andy’s mother)- PTA Purchaser


Nancy and her child have been in BIBS for one year and she witnessed the growth of her child and BIBS. Though she is a housewife, she never stops learning. She develops herself by learning English, doing sports and experiencing arts. She said that she wants to be a partner of her child’s leaning journey and grow with child. The reason why she joined PTA is because she would like to help others and work with people who have positive attitudes. Appreciate that we could meet.


Moore(Cici’s mother)- PTA Member


Moore joined BIBS since the very beginning. Her daughter has been in BIBS since Kindergarten. As a mother who has master’s degree of economics in SDSU university of American and 18 years of experience working in top transnational investment enterprises, she is really an economic elite. She knows a lot about international education as she has lived overseas for many years.  She compared with many other schools and considered carefully, and fell in love with BIBS. She said “my daughter is so lucky since I can accompany her in her growth process. We hope this young crop can grow stronger with warmth and love. The proudest thing is that we are from BIBS!”

PTA café— A Cup of Coffee makes the winter warmer


For coffee lovers, a cup of hot coffee can comfort and give warmth in cold winter days. If we can hold a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunshine in the school, it must be such a pleasant experience.

The PTA Café in BIBS Chengdu campus opened in the spring of 2017 and is a feature of all BIBS campuses, whether you are in Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, or Kunming. The purpose of the PTA café is to offer parents a comfortable place to relax, and to strengthen the communication and cooperation between parents and the school.

PTA member Tracy: Even though our teachers come from different counties, what we all do is to care for and love children. We really appreciate those who run the café and support the school voluntarily. “Helping others is helping ourselves”, PTA Chair Gary said. We welcome parents to join the PTA. If you don’t have time, we welcome you to come to the café and have a cup of coffee or some dessert.


Appreciate your support again! 

Let’s move forward with love, care and support.…