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BIBS' unique international bilingual curriculum is jointly developed by a group of outstanding Chinese and international education professionals. After more than 20 years of exploration, we ensure an organic fusion of the IB framework and the core courses from the Chinese National Education Program. We pick the essence of Chinese and Western cultures and fuse these elements together, and offer a true international bilingual curriculum that best suits the Chinese students' development needs.

Core sections from the Chinese National Education Program: Chinese heart, Chinese cultural roots.

IB Curriculum: World's highest level international curriculum.

One school multiple featured courses: A-level, AP, special Arts high School and other special courses Give children more possibilities.

(Schedule subject to each campus)


Language courses include Chinese, English, Language, and Literature, etc., are to help students develop critical reflection, cross-culture understanding, communication, interaction, integrating, and creative skills.


Math courses include Analysis and Methods, and Mathematical Application, which help students develop the logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.


Science courses consist of Biology, Computer Technology, Chemistry, Design, Physics, etc., offering students the skills in scientific research, problem-solving, teamwork, and creative design.

Individual and Society

Including Business Administration, Economics, Geology, Global Politics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Information Technology, and Global Society, etc., nurturing the students’ decision-making, adapting, strategic thinking, long-term planning, analysis, and evaluation skills.

P.E. and Health

Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Soccer and Health courses, developing students’ teamworking spirit and sense of rules, in the meantime strengthen students’ confidence, courage, persistence, and respect.


Music, Film, Theatre, Vision Art courses, etc., providing the students with art appreciation, understanding, critical thinking, reflecting skills with creativeness.